Extending or Renewing Study Permits in Canada

You need to extend your study permit if you want to study in Canada longer than originally planned. Apply to extend your study permit at least 30 days before your current permit expires. We recommend applying more than 30 days before expiration.

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Are you an international student and would like to change your study permit?

If your study program extends for a period longer than your study permit, you must apply for an extension. A study permit extension or renewal will be required if you shift to a longer study program or decide to change your program.

You have to maintain your legal status during this process. Therefore, you must apply for an extension before your current study permit expires. 

If your study permit expires before you can apply, then you have 90 days to file for restoration before you lose your temporary residence status. 

What is the Process for a Study Permit Extension or Renewal?

If you want to extend your study permit, then you must apply to the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). You will need to meet the following requirements:

  • Submit an electronic application from within Canada
  • Apply at least 30 days before your current permit expires
  • Ensure that the extension period does not exceed the validity period of your passport

What are the Requirements for a Study Permit Extension or Renewal?

You can apply for an extension or renewal within 90 days of losing your current study permit status. However, this is only applicable if you lose your current status due to a change in your study program, a change in the location of your studies/university, or you opt for a longer study program. 

If you apply for an extension before your current permit expires, then you will be considered a temporary resident on “Implied Status” until your application is approved. If your status expires before a decision is made, then you will be authorized to remain in Canada and continue studying. 

However, if you are also applying for permanent residency, then you will be required to leave Canada before a decision is made on your application.

Who does not Need a Study Permit in Canada?

You must apply for a study permit to study in Canada. However, you need don’t need to apply if you are:

  • Accompanying a foreign representative as a family member or private staff 
  • Member of the army of a country designated under the Visiting Forces Act 
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