Super Visa Program

The Super Visa program stands as one of the most successful initiatives, enabling thousands of parents and grandparents who are either permanent residents or Canadian citizens to reunite with their families in Canada. This innovative program offers the benefit of extended stays, allowing parents and grandparents to reside with their children and grandchildren in Canada for up to two years without requiring visa extensions.

The Super Visa’s appeal lies in its straightforward application process, expedited processing times, and a notably higher acceptance rate. If you’re seeking to explore the flexible Super Visa option and reunite with your parents or grandparents, consider seeking the guidance of a reputable immigration consultant.

Applying for the Super Visa

The Super Visa program caters specifically to parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens or permanent residents, provided they meet specific eligibility criteria. This program is designed for parents and grandparents only and doesn’t extend to dependents. However, spouses or common-law partners of parents and grandparents can be included in the Super Visa application.

Applicants for the Super Visa should:

Assessment of Super Visa Applications

Depending on the local visa office’s requirements, additional documents may need to be submitted. Super Visa applications are processed by Canada visa offices located outside Canada. Assessment of Super Visa applications involves consideration of various factors, including:

Eligible Sponsors of Super Visa Applicants

Sponsors must meet specific financial criteria to invite their parents or grandparents under the Super Visa. You are eligible to invite parents and grandparents if you fulfill the following conditions:

The financial criteria for Super Visa sponsors are more lenient compared to those for permanent residency (PR) sponsorship. The gross income required is nearly 30 percent lower than that for PR sponsorship. Furthermore, the gross income only needs to exceed the Minimum Necessary Income for one year, as opposed to the three-year requirement for PR sponsorship.

Vancouver Services Inc. offers expert guidance throughout the Super Visa application process, aiding in the preparation and submission of applications. If you’re considering a Super Visa to reunite with your family, reach out to us today for comprehensive assistance.

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