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05:50 13 Dec 23
Highly recommend Raffles Educity who is seeking reliable and expert assistance for their immigration needs. Thank you for your guidance and corporation.
Hitakshi ThakurHitakshi Thakur
05:32 08 Dec 23
I apply my Canada study Visa from Raffles Educity and finally got that tooo in just a month..Whole process was very smooth ,the entire team of Raffles educity i want to say is very Cooperative..Highly recommended🥰🥰
Deepika SharmaDeepika Sharma
05:08 08 Dec 23
I highly recommend Raffles Educity to anyone seeking reliable and expert assistance for their Canada study visa journey. Thank you for making my dream of studying abroad a reality!
ish preetish preet
10:28 07 Dec 23
My name is yashpreet.I belong to Phagwara city.I applied for study visa fromRaffles Educity(Ludhiana).I had wonderful experience with raffles because staff members are very supportive and helpful.Recently I got my study visa.I am very thankful to the staff of Raffles Educity who guided me in well-mannered way.Thank you so much Raffles Educity.
Simrat KaurSimrat Kaur
04:55 07 Dec 23
I had a wonderful experience with raffles Educity for my Canada Study Visa application as from beginning to end the entire process was very smooth & the staff has supported me very well. I highly recommend to everyone.
Kajal SharmaKajal Sharma
04:17 06 Dec 23
I had a wonderful experience with Raffles Educity for my Canada study visa application. From start to finish, the entire process was incredibly smooth and stress-free, thanks to their expertise and dedication. Highly recommended!
priyanka guptapriyanka gupta
04:14 06 Dec 23
I had an exceptional experience with Raffles educity. From the moment I initiated the process until the successful completion of my immigration journey their professionalism and expertise were evident. Thank you Raffles for your assistance.
14:05 26 Jun 23
Thanks Swaran Sir for my parents supervisa.Ecstatic to have you here.All the Best 😊
kulvir singhkulvir singh
16:37 25 Jun 23
It's great to hear that Raffles Educity is now at Surrey, Canada and would be of great help for my Kith and kins as been associated with you from so long. Best Immigration services.
sanjogta dograsanjogta dogra
16:36 25 Jun 23
it is great news that you are in Canada itself. Now my children's will get on shore best services thank you so much for your great contributions in immigration services
Dilmanpreet NanduDilmanpreet Nandu
20:07 23 Jun 23

British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP)

Introduction to British Columbia

Individuals looking to live and work in British Columbia can apply for entry and permanent settlement through the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP). This program offers a pathway to stable, long-term employment opportunities for foreign candidates within the province.

Overview of British Columbia

As one of Canada’s rapidly growing provinces, British Columbia is a favored destination encompassing prominent cities such as Vancouver and Victoria. The province’s abundant natural resources lead to opportunities in resource-focused careers. The BC PNP program offers a direct avenue for applicants to immigrate to British Columbia.

Upon approval, candidates receive a BC Provincial Nomination certificate, streamlining the immigration process. If you’re an applicant under the BC PNP Program, you can qualify through the following BC Immigration streams.

Skills Immigration Stream

Categories and Eligibility

Skilled Worker Category

Designed for individuals with a qualified job offer in a skilled profession and several years of relevant experience.

Healthcare Professional Category

Tailored for individuals with eligible job offers and experience in healthcare fields, including physicians, nurses, psychiatric nurses, and allied health professionals.

International Graduate Category

Geared toward recent graduates of eligible Canadian universities or colleges within the last three years, provided they hold a job offer from a BC employer.

International Post-Graduate Category

Reserved for candidates with Master’s or Doctoral degrees from approved British Columbia academic institutions in natural, applied, or health sciences, without necessitating a job offer.

Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Worker Category

Geared toward semi-skilled or entry-level positions within hospitality, tourism, long-distance trucking, or food processing in the Northeast Development Region of British Columbia.

Application Fee:

CAD 1,150, with an additional CAD 500 for review requests.

Minimum Requirements:

Application Process:

Applicants must register with the Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS). BC evaluates applications across key parameters. Registration is typically completed online. International Post-Graduate category candidates apply directly through BCPNP Online. Applicants scoring above a threshold are eligible to apply through the provincial draw, provided 30 days through BCPNP Online. Successful candidates can then apply to the Canadian government for permanent residence.

Express Entry British Columbia

Express Entry BC prioritizes the processing of BC PNP applications for eligible candidates. The stream also manages the permanent residence application for nominated individuals.

Eligible Categories:

Application Fee: CAD 1,150

Minimum Requirements:

Application Process:

Valid Express Entry profile with IRCC is required. Register with SIRS for BC review. International Post-Graduate Category and Healthcare Professional Category applicants can apply directly through BCPNP Online. Based on registration score, candidates are placed in a category-specific pool. Those exceeding a certain score can apply for provincial nomination within 30 days through BCPNP. Successful nominees accept the nomination through the Express Entry system.

BC PNP Entrepreneur Immigration

This stream welcomes experienced entrepreneurs to settle in British Columbia, contributing to the province’s economic development.

For BC PNP Entrepreneur Regional Pilot:

To qualify for the Strategic Projects Category, the company must be financially stable, possess investment capacity, and generate substantial economic benefits for BC.

BC PNP Tech Pilot

With the technology sector rapidly growing in BC, skilled tech workers are in high demand. The BC PNP Tech Pilot addresses this need, sending weekly invitations to qualified applicants.

Navigating the permanent residence application process under the BC PNP program can be intricate. Errors may lead to application rejection. We’ve successfully aided countless applicants through the BC PNP program. Our immigration experts possess years of experience to guide you through every application phase. Reach out to Vancouver Services Inc. for a consultation.

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