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05:50 13 Dec 23
Highly recommend Raffles Educity who is seeking reliable and expert assistance for their immigration needs. Thank you for your guidance and corporation.
Hitakshi ThakurHitakshi Thakur
05:32 08 Dec 23
I apply my Canada study Visa from Raffles Educity and finally got that tooo in just a month..Whole process was very smooth ,the entire team of Raffles educity i want to say is very Cooperative..Highly recommended🥰🥰
Deepika SharmaDeepika Sharma
05:08 08 Dec 23
I highly recommend Raffles Educity to anyone seeking reliable and expert assistance for their Canada study visa journey. Thank you for making my dream of studying abroad a reality!
ish preetish preet
10:28 07 Dec 23
My name is yashpreet.I belong to Phagwara city.I applied for study visa fromRaffles Educity(Ludhiana).I had wonderful experience with raffles because staff members are very supportive and helpful.Recently I got my study visa.I am very thankful to the staff of Raffles Educity who guided me in well-mannered way.Thank you so much Raffles Educity.
Simrat KaurSimrat Kaur
04:55 07 Dec 23
I had a wonderful experience with raffles Educity for my Canada Study Visa application as from beginning to end the entire process was very smooth & the staff has supported me very well. I highly recommend to everyone.
Kajal SharmaKajal Sharma
04:17 06 Dec 23
I had a wonderful experience with Raffles Educity for my Canada study visa application. From start to finish, the entire process was incredibly smooth and stress-free, thanks to their expertise and dedication. Highly recommended!
priyanka guptapriyanka gupta
04:14 06 Dec 23
I had an exceptional experience with Raffles educity. From the moment I initiated the process until the successful completion of my immigration journey their professionalism and expertise were evident. Thank you Raffles for your assistance.
14:05 26 Jun 23
Thanks Swaran Sir for my parents supervisa.Ecstatic to have you here.All the Best 😊
kulvir singhkulvir singh
16:37 25 Jun 23
It's great to hear that Raffles Educity is now at Surrey, Canada and would be of great help for my Kith and kins as been associated with you from so long. Best Immigration services.
sanjogta dograsanjogta dogra
16:36 25 Jun 23
it is great news that you are in Canada itself. Now my children's will get on shore best services thank you so much for your great contributions in immigration services
Dilmanpreet NanduDilmanpreet Nandu
20:07 23 Jun 23

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Welcome to My Visa Source. We hope that these FAQs are helpful to you.

Thinking about immigration? Chances are that you’re making a life changing decision that could last until the expiry date on your work permit or a permanent move to either Canada or the United States.

Often people will do a quick web search engine query to find information about how to come to Canada or the United States. You’ll be linked to pages of sites, videos, blogs and forums to start the process. The truth is that information is accessible, but what to do with it is not.

Here are some questions that our experienced immigration professionals and lawyers have been asked to help you determine what the right course action is for you:

Why do I need to hire someone to help?

For obvious reasons, this is a popular question. Relying on third party information and hoping that it applies to your specific situation can have a detrimental impact.

Immigration lawyers assess each potential client to setup plans of action that both parties understand. Immigration cases are divided into manageable tasks, which helps alleviate the anxiety that comes with life changing submissions.

How much are your fees?

Not every case is the same, the legal fees take into account your immigration goal and the complexity of the case in a cost effective manner. Remember, our goal is to make the process simple and affordable!

Who will I be working with?

A qualified immigration lawyer and their team are assigned to your case to help obtain necessary information and documentation from you. They have navigated interactions with thousands of clients and have ensured a tailored personal touch with every case.

How do I know what you need?

Clients are provided with case specific and personal instructions of what documents are needed to complete their case. The immigration lawyers also work with clients to answer their questions and help develop solutions when they encounter issues obtaining or translating documents.

How do we complete the process while I’m overseas?

We have helped individuals from over 120 countries, and we utilize a variety of technologies to see you, speak to you and make you feel comfortable.

We will send you detailed instructions of how to complete the signing of documents, where to go to get documents and whatever else is necessary so that the process is also cost effective and stress free.

My friend said…. can I do that?

These are popular questions. Immigration issues come up everyday and you’re often talking to someone in the same or similar situation to assess how you should move forward.

Remember, it is up to you as the applicant to provide all the necessary information and documentary evidence to show you meet program criteria. Just because something worked for your friend does not mean it will work for you.

The process starts off with a personal assessment of your particular situation. Then we will put together your options and let you decide what makes sense for you. Our lawyers will provide recommendations to make your case stand out among the other similar applicants or provide possible solutions for your unique issues.

I already made my case submission by myself and now I need help, what do I do?

The first thing we ask is, what is your time limit? Often, when you have made a submission on your own you have a very short time limit to respond to a request from the respective adjudicating body.

If you fail to respond or do not provide the correct documents, then your case may be rejected. My Visa Source have worked to help clients deal with those tight deadlines to meet these type requests.

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