• IELTS scores are accepted in the UK, Australia, Canada and the UK if you wish to work, study or migrate. The IELTS scores are accepted and are evidence that you know the English language. Although the scores vary for each country.


    IELTS is internationally recognized by IRCC and is known as International English Language Testing System. Below is the method on how you can prepare for IELTS and excel in the exam.


    • Understand the format for the test.
    • Learn the marking system.
    • Make a plan of action.
    • Join a course for preparation.
    • Practice with some of the sample questions.
    • Take the exam.


    Primarily, one has to focus on 3 levels of English.


    • General English
    • Test skills
    • Knowing how the marking is done.
  • TOEFL is known as one of the high-quality tests for English proficiency which proves you are ready for college and to live in another country. TOEFL is accepted by universities and institutes so you can be assured that your score will help you get through the admissions. The TOEFL iBT test can now be taken from home, however, the test centres are open across the globe and some places also offer paper editions as well.


    There are more than 35 million people who trust the trust. There are 4 sections for TOEFL as below.


    • Reading
    • Listening
    • Speaking
    • Writing


    The test takes about 3 hours to complete but one must prepare for 3 and half hours for checking in. Be mindful of keeping all the IDs in place as one might require it during check-in. In case of a bad score, one can take the test again after 3 days.

  • In recent years, PTE has become one of the most popular exams if one is applying for Australian PR. Some say it is not as difficult as IELTS but one has to prepare for the test and make sure one gets a high score. PTE has 4 primary skill tests - Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. The test is for 3 hours and each section is individually timed.


    Below is a small brief on what to expect in each section.


    • In the speaking section, one is expected to read aloud and answer the questions in English. Since PTE identifies English as its primary usage, this section is given the most priority.
    • Writing Section is where one is expected to write an Essay and Summarise a text.
    • The reading section has multi-choice questions and answers.
    • The listening section plays audio and video from a university which then once has to give answers.


    We offer training and courses which can help you excel in the PTE exam and get your Australian PR in no time.

  • The Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program measures listening, reading, writing and speaking skills. The exam is offered in two versions, CELPIP - General and CELPIP - General LS.


    CELPIP - General covers 4 sections namely - Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing.

    CELPIP- LS has 2 sections namely - Listening and Speaking.


    To prepare for the exam, one can take a sample test through the online portal. The CELPIP exam is only for Canadian PR residents. To pass the test, general training is required which is provided by Raffles Educity. We have highly skilled professionals who can help you gain the right knowledge which will help you succeed in your examination.


    CELPIP is accepted by several professionals, government, universities and colleges. On the examination day, make sure to carry your ID proof. Make sure to register yourself beforehand and select the preferred date and time. All the exam day information you will get in your email account.

  • At Raffles, one can get the right training in spoken English language which also improves your reading and writing. One can learn how to communicate on a certain topic daily. Improve your English by improving your business communication.


    A better spoken English can help you crack any interview which also includes improving soft skills like personality development, improving body language, ideas and tips. We offer material for offline coaching, grammar sections and vocabulary improvements. The students also undergo a mock test after completing the course.


    We are dedicated to giving you a unique and creative experience which will help you not just improve quickly but will remain with you over a lifetime.

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