CASE 2: Visa in 24 hours!

Client Background:

Our recent client had faced a challenging journey with five previous study visa refusals, four of which occurred with their previous company and one with our organization. Despite this history, the client chose to entrust us once again with their application. The applicant held a 12th-grade certification with an overall score of 70% and achieved an IELTS score of 6 in each module and an overall score of 6.

Acknowledging this as an average profile but with a complex history of refusals, we recognized the need for an unconventional and innovative approach to address the intricacies of the case.

Strategy and Implementation:

In response to the challenge at hand, our strategy involved thinking innovatively to present additional supporting documents while judiciously omitting unnecessary information in the application. This unconventional method aimed to streamline the information presented to immigration officers, ensuring clarity and relevance. Additionally, our Statement of Purpose (SOP) team engaged in a detailed session with the client. Through a series of targeted questions, we aimed to authentically capture the client’s intentions for relocating to Canada, emphasizing a strong understanding of the chosen course and institution. Continuous communication with various colleges and universities, facilitated by our dedicated admissions team and overseen by our Head of Admissions, ensured meticulous consideration of the applicant’s unique circumstances.

Results and Success:

The outcome surpassed our expectations. In an unprecedented turn of events, the application received a positive decision within an astounding 24 hours—a remarkable achievement, especially given our previous best turnaround time of 48 hours over the span of 16+ years.


This case study showcases our commitment to resolving complex visa situations through innovative thinking and a personalized approach. Despite the challenges posed by multiple refusals, our tailored strategies and meticulous attention to detail culminated in an exceptional and expeditious outcome for our client.
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