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Why Study in Australia?

Being ranked as the 3rd most popular international student destination in the world, Australia provides the largest variety of courses to choose from. Other than the strong academic credentials, students choose Australia as their study destination because of the quality of life, affordability, and employer activity. Australia owns five of the 30 best cities in the world for international students.

Australia offers a divergent range of education options for international students. The country offers more than 22,000 courses in over 1,200 institutions to choose from, which is the highest after the USA.

Australia’s laws encourage standard education and security for international students regardless of your study area or the duration of your course.

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Top Universities in Australia

Australia offers a high quality of education with its wide variety of courses and highly experienced and diversly cultured teaching professionals. Australia feels proud in saying that it has contributed to the world by delivering a few high-quality brains.

Australia Universities have been ranked among the top 50 universities of the world in the study areas like Arts and Humanities, Health, Engineering & Technology, Social Science and Life Science.

The cost of living and fees spent on education are considerably lesser in Australia than other developed countries.

Like any other country, the expenditure that you as an international student will bear during your stay would depend entirely on the place, course and institution/university you have chosen for study. However, according to a survey done, the estimated average amount that an international student would be required to spend is about AUD $1,550 per month.

A scholarship is a wonderful way to aid your living and study expenses.

Australian Government offers immense international scholarships to support the foreign students. A $200 million is given each year by the Australian Government for international scholarships.

When you can apply for a scholarship, make sure you do that while you still have a lot of time since the competition is too much. The early bird will have more probability of gaining a scholarship.