Possible reasons behind student visa rejection 4

Be it personal or professional, one of the hardest things to face in life is ‘Rejection’. However, when this dreaded word hits you at a tender age of your student life, it’s really one of the most difficult things to go through.

Often getting a refusal from your favorite college or university, or worse case, a student visa rejection for the purpose of studying abroad, especially to those students who were genuine enough, is difficult to accept and make terms with. However, if one gets to know the exact student-visa rejection reasons, one can pinpoint as to where one’s profile – either financial, academic or otherwise was lacking and can thus, improvise on the same.

But here’s a good news! We at Raffles Educity – one of the most trusted immigration consultants in Chandigarh and Punjab – have already jotted down all the possible student-visa rejection reasons. Read them below:

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