Move your existing Business to Canada

How to Move Your Company To Canada

Relocating your existing company abroad can be both challenging and rewarding. As an immigration destination, Canada remains an attractive choice for entrepreneurs, business immigrants, and workers.
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Step-by-Step Guide on How To Expand Your Business to Canada

If you want to set-up your company’s operations in Canada and obtain a Canadian work permit for yourself or your team members, you should consider applying for the Intra-Company Transfer (ICT) program. The ICT program allows foreign companies to expand to Canada and transfer their staff members (executive, managerial or specialized knowledge employees) to work in Canada. To be eligible for this program, both the expanding company and the applicant must meet a number of requirements as discussed below.
Getting a work permit may take approximately 2-4 months depending on your country of nationality and a number of other factors. Below are the steps to follow in order to expand your business to Canada.

Reasons to Bring Your Business to Canada

On the provincial level, Canadian provinces offer various immigration programs to invest and settle permanently in various parts of the country. These Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) are listed below.


Alberta’s PNP program is known as the Alberta Immigration Program (AAIP). It is one of the most popular programs in the Canadian prairies due to Alberta’s ever-growing economy in the region. Each program allows foreign entrepreneurs to first receive a work permit and, after 1 to 2 years of operating their business in Alberta allows them to apply for permanent residency.

Alberta Farm Stream:

  • Managed by AAIP in collaboration with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry.
  • Targets individuals with farm management skills and financial resources for investing in farming businesses in Alberta.
  • Encourages the growth and development of the agricultural industry in the province.

 Alberta Foreign Graduate Entrepreneur Stream:

  • Designed for foreign-educated graduates from outside Canada.
  • Allows graduates to launch start-up enterprises in Alberta and obtain permanent residence.
  • Fosters innovation and entrepreneurial talent from around the world.

 Alberta Graduate Entrepreneur Stream:

  • Specifically tailored for international graduates from Alberta post-secondary institutions.
  • Enables graduates to establish and operate businesses within the province.
  • Supports the retention of talented individuals who have already studied in Alberta.

  Alberta Rural Entrepreneur Stream:

  • Geared towards entrepreneurs interested in starting or purchasing a business in a rural Alberta community.
  • Aims to promote economic growth and opportunities in rural areas.
  • Encourages entrepreneurial investment outside urban centers.

British Columbia


New Brunswick

Nova Scotia

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“Through our 11 years of experience in business immigration, we’ve witnessed how Canada’s immigration system strategically rewards proactive planning, entrepreneurial activism, and innovative thinking. This is why our foreign entrepreneur clients, who embrace challenges, creativity, and a laser focus on business progress, have achieved remarkable success in their immigration journeys. Canada’s investor immigration programs embody the nation’s commitment to fostering innovation and rewarding entrepreneurial spirit. They offer an unparalleled opportunity for foreign entrepreneurs to thrive within a vibrant ecosystem that fuels growth and propels businesses to new heights. By leveraging their unique skill sets and unwavering determination, these individuals have triumphed in their immigration pursuits, capitalizing on the blend of planning, activism, and innovation that defines Canada’s business immigration landscape. As a specialized legal firm, we take immense pride in witnessing our clients’ achievements, which serve as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide, highlighting the abundant rewards that await those who dare to think differently and forge their path to prosperity in Canada.” – Rakhmad Sobirov

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As a business immigrant, you have a wide selection of possible investor visa pathways. Depending on your business goals, some immigration schemes may suit you better. It is important to compare and see whether a federal or provincial program would be the best for you, your business, and your family.
Intra-Company Transfer (ICT)

The ICT program is ideal for foreign companies with a Canadian office or a subsidiary or looking to expand their operations in Canada. This business immigration program allows you to transfer employees from your foreign office to your Canadian office. These employees would be issued a temporary work permit and would generally be eligible for permanent residency after 1 year of employment in Canada.

Start-Up Visa Program (SUV)

Under Canada’s Start-Up Visa program, up to 5 founding partners of an innovative foreign company could be eligible for an open work permit for up to 3 years. Additionally, the applicants can also become eligible for permanent residency in Canada. The SUV program requires a Letter of Support or investment commitment from one of the Designated Organizations in Canada.

Entrepreneur Visa (C11)

The C11 Entrepreneur Stream is perfect for foreign entrepreneurs who want to invest in an existing Canadian business or start a new one. First, the entrepreneur would receive a temporary work permit which would allow them to operate their business in Canada. Then, after 1 year of operating the business in Canada, you will become eligible for permanent residency.

LMIA Work Permit Program

Entrepreneurs and investors can receive a work permit through the LMIA pathway and eventually permanent residency after 2 years of employment in Canada. However, this program is tailored more toward hiring foreign workers. Other above-mentioned programs are usually preferred over this one for investor immigration to Canada.

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Every one of the above programs has its own eligibility requirements and application process, but most share some common elements:
  • Operate a successful business or have enough funds to buy or start one in Canada;
  • Have at least $250,000 that you can invest in your Canadian business;
  • Possess necessary skills for business development and business management
  • Have the ability to use your business experience to build a business in Canada.
You can use our instant assessment tool to see if you fulfill the requirements for investor immigration and receive personalized advice during our 1-hour strategy meeting with you.
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Every business immigrant who comes to Canada through business immigration is eligible for permanent residency. When you first receive approval for your business immigration application, you will obtain a work permit as your Canadian company will employ you. You may become eligible for permanent residency after operating your business for at least a year. After receiving permanent residence, you can eventually qualify for Canadian citizenship.
  • Operate a successful business or have enough funds to buy or start one in Canada;
  • Have at least $250,000 that you can invest in your Canadian business;
  • Possess necessary skills for business development and business management
  • Have the ability to use your business experience to build a business in Canada.

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