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The GMAT is known as the Graduate Management Admission Test is a standardexam which is held to assess and evaluate the graduate’s ability to take admissionin any of the business or law school across the USA and other 110 nations aroundthe world. The most fascinating part about this test is that it is accepted by morethan 2000+ business institutions across the globe. The test is mainly owned by theGraduate Management Admission Council and jointly administered by the Pearson.

The test holds 5 sections as mentioned below:

  • Integrated Reasoning
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Quantitative Reasoning and
  • Analytical Writing
  • English Language skills

The time duration for the test is 210 minutes in total. As it is an online based test; itdoesn’t allow the candidate to switch back onto the previous question; once theanswer is entered.

Requirements for the GMAT test:

  • Candidate must hold an Undergraduate Degree from any Recognised Board
  • Candidate must be minimum of 18 years
  • Candidate must be proficient in the English Language.

If you are also looking forward to enrolling into a GMAT preparation course, thenRaffles Educity offers you an extensive classroom learning experience. As this test ismore about understanding and evaluating, our extensive program will make youenough familiar with its methodology and format.

Why choose Raffles Educity for GMAT preparation?

  • In-depth Understanding of the Format
  • Availability of different times and different locations
  • Solid soft skills preparation
  • Curriculum designed for top scores
  • Certified trainers with an experience of 10+ years
  • Access to more than 2000+ practice tests.

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