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Caips Notes

CAIPS stands for Computer Assisted Immigration Processing System. CAIPS Notes include the detailed information on your Visa Application Process along with the notes by the Visa Officer who is working or has worked on your file. These notes are extremely useful if you are re-applying for the visa after your visa has been refused, or the processing of your file has been delayed, or you have been called for an interview.

You would be able to access the information about any missing documents, notes about insufficient funds or any concerns regarding any documents you have already submitted, an update on your security check, background check or medical check, review on your eligibility, etc. These points can really prove helpful for the improvement of your case.

Though the file has few codes that need to be interpreted by the experts. Usually, these services cost the client about $30-$40, but at Raffles, we provide this service absolutely free. We don’t charge anything from our clients for this service.

We don’t hesitate to go an extra mile to see the happy faces of our clients when they receive their visas!